Cakeadoodledo has gone into hibernation for a little while.

Please bear with us while we gather our thoughts.

You can still contact us via email.

Our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram will keep you up to date with any news.

Now listen up. This is important. Your cake must be good.

It must look amazing and it must taste like

Stacked wedding cakes are clever old things. Different layers means different flavours (if you want). There are lots of flavours going on in the Cakeadoodledo kitchen – do feel free to contact us for an up to date list (it grows).

What we can say here and now is that the rich, boozy fruit cake has been scoffed by people who don’t like fruit cake; the chocolate cake has made people go a bit weak at the knees; the lemon cake has had peoples’ eye go a bit zingy; and the vanilla cake has been described as ‘like a big hug’.

If you would like a tower of cupcakes, then of course, the flavour combinations are positively overwhelming.

The design? Where do we start? With you of course. Come and have a meeting with us, eat cake and talk beautifulness.

At Cakeadoodledo, we do not charge a premium price for wedding cakes. The rate for our cakes is the same whatever the occasion. Charging extra for weddings, we believe, is wrong and a little bit shabby.

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